Frequently Asked Questions


  • How efficient is it?

    Central heating is very efficient, but also ‘effective’. There is no point in installing a very efficient unit that doesn’t actually warm you or the room.                                                                                                    

    Central Heating systems are both efficient and effective when designed and installed correctly - they are proven the world over as the best system possible. Because different fuel types have different costs depending on where you are, choice of fuel also impacts efficiency. Central Heating Services will work with you to choose a fuel type that is right for your budget, your home and your location.

  • Which is better, underfloor or radiators?

    Each has its benefits. There is nothing like the luxury of underfloor systems, as ground-up heating is the best for the human body, but radiators have a faster response and can react quickly to New Zealand’s ever-changing weather conditions. In new builds we sometimes install underfloor in the living areas and radiators in the bedroom areas, as a combination is often the best solution.

  • What is in a radiator?

    Water is pumped through both the radiators and underfloor systems. The system is sealed so no water is consumed once the system is filled. The water is treated with an anti corrosive agent and sometimes an antifreeze agent.

  • Why is a warm water central heating system better than other forms of heating?

    Warm water central heating can use a variety of fuels (like gas, diesel & electricity) whereas with most heating you are limited to one type of energy, typically electricity.
    With warm water central heating, you can also change out your heat source in the future if there are significant changes to the supply or cost of fuel.

    Water transfers energy at four times the rate of air, making warm water central heating so much more efficient than warm air systems.

    Radiant heat (i.e., from a radiator or underfloor heating in a central heating system) is so much more comfortable to the human body than forced air. Warm air systems such as heat pumps can be drafty, noisy and there are often cold spots. Warm water central heating systems are warm and comfortable, all the time!

  • What makes warm water central heating such a healthy heating option?

    Because there is no forced air flow, central heating is perfect for people with respiratory or allergy problems. We have even had customers comment that their asthma almost completely disappeared after the first winter with central heating! In addition, there are also no naked flames or elements to be a danger to children or the elderly.

    A warm, dry home is a healthy home. Putting central heating in an old house can eliminate up to 80% of condensation problems. The heating system will dry out the structure of the home because dry air condenses less than damp air.

  • Is warm water central heating really affordable for the average homeowner?

    What price is comfort? Customers are amazed by the warmth of their homes with central heating and can’t believe that they lived so long without it. Most people compare installation and running costs against heating one or two rooms in a house. It will cost more initially to install and run a central heating system than this method, but it will be less than replicating single heating appliances in every room to heat the whole house.

    A gas central heating system with radiators in a small 3 bedroom house starts at approximately $10,000 installed. Compare this with one heat pump in the living room (approximately $4,000 installed) and another in the master bedroom (another $4,000 installed). So for $8,000 you can heat 2 rooms, or for $10,000 you can heat your whole house? The choice is obvious!

  • How much does it cost to run a warm water central heating system?

    Each house has its own heat loss characteristics. We calculate the heat required to achieve at least 20 degrees in living areas and 17 degrees in bedrooms. We then know the kilowatt demand of the house, which allows us to work out how much it will cost to run the system on different fuel types.

  • I’m interested in getting started. What now?

    Contact us so that we can fully understand your requirements and plans. With minimal information from you and a basic floor plan we can give you a approximate design and  an estimate to meet your heating needs, free of charge. 

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